Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alpaca Glittens!

As mentioned on my pattern search for glittens, my morning commute often involves 10-20 minutes waiting for the bus in Boston cold. I like to read my morning paper, but I hate repeatidly taking off my mittens to turn a page or get out my bus pass. Therefore, I decided to create a pair of glittens (or convertible mittens) following the Broad Street Mittens pattern.

I made these with 2 balls Artesano inca cloud (100% alpaca) color ZK 50 g/131 yards. (That I purchased in the UK.)

I have small hands, and I attempted this pattern even though it indicated that it would fit a women's large. Switching to smaller than 2.75 mm needles (used in the pattern) did not affect the gauge enough that I was willing to start over. The cuffs and the fingers fit well, so they feel good on my hand.

I wanted to make the mitten shell smaller, since I have small hands, as written it seemed as though it would be quite large, so I made the following adjustments:

My decrease for mitten shell:
  • ... (same as written pattern)
  • K even around all four needles for 17 rounds.
  • Then, on each needle -- k to the last 2 stitches, k2tog. K one round even.
  • (my changes start here)
  • K4, K2tog *repeat (K last 2 sts)
  • K 3 rounds even
  • K3 K2 tog - repeat to end (K last 2 sts)
  • K 3 rounds even
  • K2 K2 tog - repeat to end (K last 2 sts)
  • K 2 rounds even
  • K1 K2 tog - repeat to end (K last 2 sts)
  • K 1 round even
  • K1 K2 tog - repeat to end
  • K 1 round even
  • K2 tog - repeat to end
  • K2tog enough to get 4 sts final
  • Make Icord as directed
Working with alpaca was wonderful. I cannot wait to use it in another project!


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