Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rowan Colourscape Chunky

In Bristol, UK, I begged and pleaded with the boys to take me to a yarn store. (What better souvenir for a knitter than yarn? I was mostly well behaved, only getting yarn made in the British Isles. (I did buy some alpaca... but who can resist?)

This Rowan Colourscape Chunky yarn by Kaffe Fassett really excited me. I through that it would be great to use to fashion some fingerless-mitts. When winding the ball to a skein, I learned that the beautiful coloration does not repeat (see right), and if I were to make mitts out of this yarn the right and left mitts would not match.

I have enough planned scarves to knit for myself, so I was racking my brain for projects that could use a single skein (hopefully) and show off the fun colors of this yarn. On the cover of Felted Knits, there is a cute picture of a felted pillow with buttons in the middle. I will attempt to make such a pillow out of my colourscape. Pillow C in the Berroco Free Patterns is 12" square made with 100 g of wool, so I'm feeling optimistic. I'll just knit a long rectangle, and see where it ends up.

On size 10 needles, I get 4 sts/inch and 6 rows/inch, I cast on 54 sts.

Pre felting, piece measures approximately 13.5" x 24". I still think that I want to felt the piece, and finish the pillow construction with a contrast color. Wish me luck!


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