Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where to Purchase Undyed Wool

UPDATE 1/04/2023 - I just published a new blog post Where to Buy Bare Yarns (Undyed Yarns) in 2023 that has up to date retailers. 

UPDATE 1/22/18 - I just published new and updated blog post on Where to Buy Bare Yarns (Undyed Yarns) since some of the links below are now out of date.  

I love dyeing my own yarn. For many projects, it is a cheaper dye my own if I only need a little of one color. For other projects I can achieve the exact colorway I want. Thus far, I have purchased all of my bare yarn from KnitPicks (affiliate link), and I've been extremely happy with the results. I wanted to do some research on prices and availability of other fibers from other companies.

This post contains affiliate links which means that I earn a commission from sales made through these links.  

  • KnitPicks (affiliate link), prices starting at $3.79/100g (3.5 Oz) for Peruvian Highland Wool. Starting at $6.29/100g for merino wool.
  • Bear Farm Yarns - 4 oz skein $5.5, 1 lb cone $22. They have three natural colors for purchase (although it is not clear which is which looking at their website.)
  • Catnip Yarns - The website offers good pictures of what the fibers look like (you see the skein/cone and then a strand next to a dime.) They will send up to 5 yarn samples for free! A 1 lb merino cone for $33.
  • yarnundyed - Their ebay store has very favorable references, but it is cheaper to order from their website since they say shipping is included in the price. Located in England. You can order hanks or cones, and marino prices are range from $30-37/500g (1.1lbs).
  • Lion Brand Yarn Classic LB 1878 Wool from Amazon - This $21, 1 lb cone of Fisherman color wool is classified as "super fine" and size 3 needles are recommended. I've worked with Lion Brand Wool in the past, and it was pleasant to work with.
  • Yarn Workshop - A variety of fibers, weights and prices. Unfortunately the product has to ship from australia, so it will not arrive quickly.
  • Wool2Dye4 - Many options at various price ranges. You buy most yarns by the kg.
  • Wool Peddler- Looking at about $20 for a half pound of many different fiber blends.
  • Paradise Fibers - Wide variety of yarns and fibers. I see $7/100g for Merino.
  • A Child's Dream - Wool/mohair blend for $8/4 oz.
  • Pacific Wool and Fiber - They even have a sock yarn dyeing kit, 6 colors + 100 g undyed washable sock yarn for $22.
  • Fine Fibers - ~$20/8 oz. They offer merino and mohair/wool blends. 4 oz skeins are available, too.
  • Yarn Market has a category of undyed yarns. About $30 per half pound.
  • Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Yarn - Offers undyed skeins ($16/100g) and plant dyed yarns.
  • Dyer Supplier has a variety of of bare yarns that you can purchase by the 10 pack.  There are bulk discounts as you buy more yarn.  
Note: It is possible that some of these stores may have changed their prices since I've did my search.

I am sure that here are many stores out there I did not find in my search. Where do you (preferably in the US) purchase your undyed yarn to feed your dyeing habit?

Note: I have been buying KnitPicks yarns for years and they have legitimately been my #1 choice for shopping.  In November 2017 I became an affiliate marketer for KnitPicks, however all of my opinions are still true.  In June, 2018 I became a Paradise Fibers Affiliate. In May 2019 I became a Dyer Supplier Affiliate.