Thursday, June 17, 2010

Entrelac Wristers

This is my first attempt at the entrelac technique. I selected this pattern because there are only 12 squares per wrister, and if I needed to frog the project and start over, I wouldn't waste too much time.

The pattern is from Norwegian Handknits: Heirloom Designs from Vesterheim Museum by Sue Flanders and Janie Kosel. I used size 5 double pointed needles.

My Colors:
  • A -White (Border Color)
  • B - blue/gray heather (Border color)
  • C - Pink (One set of square)
  • D - Dark Gray (Two sets of squares)
Entrelac is much more straight forward than I had realized! This project went very quickly, I'm sorry that I have waited this long to try it.

With only 12 Entrelac squares total (in one wrister), this was a great project for someone who had never tried this technique before.

It is pretty funny to be working on arm warmers when it's in the middle of the summer... but that's the life of a knitter sometimes!

I wish that the increases in the chevron edge used M1 (Kfb or similar) instead of YO's. This would have eliminated the holes in the project.

Knitting backwards makes entrelac knitting less tedious (you are not having to turn and purl for each square). Check out the video I created "How to Knit Backwards" for help with this technique.