Thursday, July 15, 2010

Search for Backpacks

My mom loves the Scandinavian mittens that I've knit, but she lives in Florida. Mittens do not work when you live in a tropical climate. She like to use a little backpack as a purse, so I am conducting a search on knit backpack patterns. I have come across some cute patterns for stuffed animals, but I am only including ones that could be used by adults in this list.
  • Autumn Woods - Felted, Fair Isle with a pattern of leafless branced trees. Free From Patons (you need to create a free account).
  • Felted Tribal Duffle - Fair Isle, drawstring top, Felted. Free From Patons (you need to create a free account).
  • Classic - Felted, Classic shape and shown in grey. Free From Patons (you need to create a free account).
  • Lion Brand Summer Backpack - Cinched Top, Made with Cotton-Ease yarn. You will need to create a free account to view the pattern.
  • Lion brand jiffy backpack- Simple, garter stitch texture, cinched top. You will need to create a free account to view the pattern.
  • Lion Brand Simple Garter Stitch Backpack - The top has a button flap over the closure, I'm assuming that it is cinched underneath. This one is larger than some of the other Lion Brand backpacks. You will need to create a free account to view the pattern.
  • Lily Sugar and Cream Back Pack - Shown in cotton, textured, cinched top with a buttoned pocket on the back. This would be a good candidate for my mom, but I would need to design some colorwork for it.
  • Samantha Backpack - Felted, shown with stripes. A reasonable size (not a tiny little bag slung on your back)
  • Traeth - Beautiful texture. It is available for free Ravelry download, but you will need to create a free account.
  • Surprise Bag - You use some mitered and other stitches so that after you felt the backpack there is some beautiful texture remaining. The top goes in, but it doesn't appear cinched, you shape the pieces in an interesting way. I find it very elegant. The photos for the project on Ravelry are stunning.
  • Felted Backpack - Short, striped, looks like you can use some fun novelty yarns in this project.
  • Katia Summer Backpack - This would knit well in a cotton. Large with a cinched top and buttoned pocket in front.
  • Caron Backpack - Simple, Stockinette, Cinched top.
  • Petite Felted Backpack - The top is tied closed, but isn't cinched as much as some other models.
  • Boucle White Knit Backpack - Looks soft and cozy. Has a flap over the top with a tassel.
Some of the bags that are more stiff would work well for fair isle, but many of those are felted and my mom doesn't want wool. I will have to show her this list and see what she thinks.


  1. The Boucle White (very last) one is gorgeous! I almost wanna make it now...hmmm...*mental addition to the massive "I should make that" list*

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  3. I really liked the Samantha backpack. Strips looking great and size is perfect too. I am sure your mom gonna like it.
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