Sunday, January 2, 2011

A search for Valentines Day Knitting Patterns

Is there a better way to say, "I love you" than with a homemade gift? Why not knit your love a valentine this year? I came across the following patterns in my quest for Valentine's Day knitting patterns. This list does not contain every pattern I could possibly find, but I tried to provide you with some variety for inspiration.
  • Knitting Pattern Central has a directory just for hearts
  • Valentine wand - A cute little stuffed wand makes a great gift for a child.
  • heart on top, looks like a knit striped candy cane on bottom.
  • Heartfelt - Simple stuffed heart shape. Lightly stuffed. Really cute!
  • Heart Lace bookmark - Three lacy hearts are shown on a bookmark. This would be great as an insert into a homemade Valentine's Day card. You could incorporate this into the card itself for some beautiful stationary! (OOO, or starch spray it, and then use it as a stencil to spraypaint cards)
  • Besotted Scarf - Send your XOXO with cables on this scarf!
  • Valentine Heart ring - How sweet is this? You can show someone you love them by placing this little reminder on their hand.
  • Be My Dishcloth - A fantastic charted heart. I would love to see this in contrasting colors.
  • Christine's Valentine Bag - a simple little heart shaped bag
  • Be sweet valentine pillow - a pillow with be sweet written across the front. You will need to create a free Ravelry account to access this free knitting pattern.
  • Valentine mug cozy - with this coffee cozy, you can keep their coffee warm, and with a heart they'll remember that you love them!
  • Valentine Hat - lace hearts all around this hat
  • Heart - Literally give someone your heart!
  • Little stuffed hearts - I love the one with the closed eyes
  • Love rocks - A necklace of knit hearts
  • Chinese character for love - You will need to create a free Ravelry account to access this free knitting pattern.
  • Love chart - the chart for a dishcloth that reads Love amore love
  • Love silhouette chart - the moment just before the kiss
Hopefully these patterns that I have found have inspired you to create something for those you love for Valentine's Day.

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