Sunday, October 23, 2011

New England Patriots Logo Knitting Charts

After the Bruins chart was published, I received another email from a reader: "I loved the Red Sox and Bruins graphs on your blog........I have used the Red Sox ones and am in the process of knitting hats for my grandchildren with the Bruins logo. Would you consider doing one a small one for the New England Patriots that would be appropriate for a child's hat or mittens?"

The patriots logo has enough details in it that it was hard to make small, but I am happy to share two versions of the logo with you. The large chart would cover just over half of an adult's hat (see my generic skullcap knitting pattern for a nice template.) Ann, I hope that the small logo will work for some child sized accessories!

Large Patriots Logo Knitting Chart: 27x56 sts

Small Patriots Logo Knitting Chart: 17x28 sts

I am covering most of the Boston/New England teams now! (How long do you think it will be until I get a Celtics request?)

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