Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Search for Dog Toy Knitting Patterns

Indy has quickly become family, and as family I need to figure out what to knit him for Christmas. It is too soon to deal with dog sweaters, since Indy is still growing (not to mention that Eskies have a very thick coat!) I designed a knit dog ball for Indy when he first came home, but I wanted to see what other types of toys I could create for him.

  • Indy the puppy's ball - This is a toy that I designed for my new American Eskimo puppy, Indy. The ball can be felted or left unfelted, and has a design of I's going around the middle of the ball. I have also provided a blank chart for the ball so you can create your own design for your puppy.
  • Quack: knitted duck toy - This duck shaped dog toy has an overall shape like a bowling pin (with feet), but the coloration turns it into a duck. I particularly like the mallard version!
  • Fetch! - Little bone toys for your puppy. These are knit as two pieces, and then stitched together before stuffing. The designer includes an important note about hand knit dog toys: "This toy is intended to be used only with owner’s supervision. Do not leave your pet unattended with such toys because if ripped apart or damaged it could pose as a choking hazard. Check toy regularly for signs of wear and replace if necessary."
  • Incredibly Easy Knitted Dog Toy - This dog toy is knit flat and then seamed up to create a 3D toy. I cannot tell what the shape is supposed to be, and the designer doesn't have much of a description. My best guess is that it is some kind of rabbit.
  • Puppy's Dumbell Toy - A felted dumbbell shaped dog toy. Knit in the round (so there is no sewing at the end.)
  • Felted Dog Bone - Big and flat. Looks like a dog would love to chew on this! Knit as two pieces and then sewn together before stuffing.
  • Out of Yarn - A six-sided entrelac ball. You will need to create a free account to download this free dog toy knitting pattern.
  • Gevlochten Bal / Braided Ball - This ball looks like it could be entrelac, but closer inspection shows that it really is braided from a bunch of pieces. Some sewing is required. You will need to create a free account to download this free dog toy knitting pattern.
  • Judy's 12-section Yarnball - This ball is knit flat with short rows. I can see my puppy loving it!

You know what the best part about knitting Christmas presents for a puppy is? There is no chance he'll read my blog, so I can post all I want about those projects before December and the surprise won't be ruined! I hope that this list of free dog toy knitting patterns will help you create something amazing for your special friend.