Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scarf - Three Years in the Making

I am so excited! After three years I finally finished my lace weight Feather and Fan scarf (the pattern used to be free, but now you need to purchase it from a KnitPicks Ebook.)

Why did it take me so long to finish this scarf? Projects go faster when I know that I am making progress. With this scarf's simple 4 row pattern repeat, it grew at such a slow rate I had no measure of how close I was getting. (Yes, I can measure length... but the difference between 2 and 3 feet doesn't appear to be very different.) I ended this epic project with YO Row, K row, bind off K wise.

The scarf before blocking

The length of the scarf before I blocked it.

I blocked the scarf to 9" wide, and ~ 6 feet long. The pattern held its shape fairly well without blocking, but it looks so much more polished once I took the time to complete the finishing.

I knit the scarf on size 3 knitting needles with KnitPicks Shadow Lace yarn, color Snorkel. The scarf required 1.4 skeins (70 g).

The oldest edge of the scarf has bloomed a bit, but I know that with some wear the entire scarf will age more consistently.

Journey of My First Lace Project (at least the first one that I started):

Call me crazy, but I already have multiple lace projects in my queue. Hopefully these will go by faster than 3 years!


  1. Don't feel bad. I have a lace scarf in progress that I told my mother was "almost done" when my son graduated from college (I was working on it while waiting for the ceremony to begin) -- back in spring 2009. It was supposed to be her mother's day gift that year. Hey - it's only two and a half years late.

  2. The thing I feel bad about is that there are so many lace projects I want to make... I keep setting myself up for these long WIP's :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!
    Better late than never, they say!

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