Sunday, January 20, 2013


Now, the Chunkeanie hat is supposed to be a chunky beanie, but I've got non-chunky yarn.  I'm going to increase the number of stitches (and then the corresponding decreases) to fit the gauge that I can expect.  (I'm being bad and not actually checking my gauge... but I've made enough men's hats that I know around 100 sts in worsted weight yarn on size 6 needles will fit well.)  

I used 59 g (130 yards) of KnitPicks Full Circle Yarn (ponderosa) that was left over from Keith's sweater.  I knit the hat on size 6 knitting needles.

My Modifications & Notes from Construction:
  • Cast on 96 sts (*I would do 100, but the pattern calls for mulitiple of 8 stitches in each of the different sizes.)  
  • 3" Brim - 21 Rows of 1x1 ribbing.  
  • Reverse Stockinette before decreases - 28 rows (nice to see that my gauge is consistent!)  
  • Additional decreases:
    • Decrease Round 0.1: *ssk, p20, K2tog* around. (88 sts)
    • Decrease Round 0.2: *K1, P20, K1* across
    • Decrease Round 0.3: *ssk, p18, K2tog* across (80 sts)
    • Decrease Round 0.4: *K1, P18, K1* across
    • Continue decreasing as written for large hat.  

I love the final product.  This hat looks great whether you want to fold the brim or leave it with some volume.  I know that this is a pattern I will come back to in the future.