Monday, June 3, 2013

ChemKnits in Print!

This has been a good week for ChemKnits.  When I went to go pick up my mail, I discovered not one, but TWO magazines that were featuring ChemKnits projects!  I knew that the Chemical & Engineering News article would arrive any day, but I completely forgot about the request from BugLife back in February.  

I am on the second to last page in both magazines.  Shown with the featured knit items.
When Chemical & Engineering News contacted me earlier in May, I was ecstatic that they wanted to interview me.  This is a weekly publication sent to all members of the American Chemical Society, I had a subscription myself while I was in graduate school!  One of my peer reviewed academic publications is published in an ACS journal.  I was so excited to get some recognition from the scientific community for my chemistry knitting blog.  Event the title of the blurb "Molecules Tied Up in Knots" is awesome.  In addition to the photograph of my hangover beer cozy knitting pattern, the article mentions the caffeine coffee cozy and resveratrol wine cozy.  

C&E News; Volume 91, Issue 21, p 56: NEWSCRIPTS - Settlers Of Mars, Molecules Tied Up In Knots 
I first heard from the charity Buglife  - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust in Scotland back in February asking to feature a link in their magazine.  I asked for a copy of the magazine, and then completely forgot about the conversation.  Boy was I surprised when this showed up on my doorstep!  The blurb features my knit butterfly and links to a squidoo article on insect knitting patterns.  

The Buzz; Summer 2013, Issue 2, p 18: Knit Your Own Bugs! 
I've given permission for other insect charities to use my photographs in their newsletters in the past, and have even have some knit my bumble bee in mass to sell at fundraisers.  Although I always request photographs, I have never heard back from any of these organizations... until today!  I love that my knitting projects can be used for charitable purposes in addition to fun gifts.  

Thank you so much to the editors who sent me complementary issues of the magazines!  They look fantastic.  I also owe a huge thanks to you, my readers, who have made this blog popular enough to get this kind of attention. Thanks for reading!