Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Striped Baby Socks

When I found the Baby Mitten Socks pattern I thought the striping was adorable.  At the time I did not know the gender of my little chirphead, so all projects must be gender neutral.

ARGH!  I initially cast on 24 sts not 32!  Time to start over.

Unfortunately the pattern used a self striping sock yarn, so the stripes were not created in the pattern.  I planned to make a black/white striped sock using KnitPicks Comfy Fingering and size 1 (2.25 mm) knitting needles.  My striping pattern will go as follows:
  • Ankle
    • Cast on Black.  +5 rounds
    • 5 rounds white
    • 5 rounds black
    • 5 rounds white
  • HEEL
    • All black - I noticed it said to do a total of 11 rows ending on WS row, but 11 rows would end after a RS row.  So the WS row makes 12 rows total since the first round after heal flap starts with a RS row.  
  • Instep
    • 5 rounds white
    • 5 rounds black
  • Foot 
    • 5 rounds white
    • 5 rounds black
    • 5 rounds white
  • toe
    • All black
I knit these socks in Mid March 2013 when I was still in the middle of my self imposed yarn diet (no new yarn purchases, only fiber for spinning).  I am a little worried about the elasticity (or lack thereof) in the Comfy fingering yarn, but this is what I have to work with.  We will see how elastic the ribbing in these socks appears.  (It seems good)

Due to a formatting glitch in the pattern, I missed the "K 1 round" following each of the toe decreases.  I noticed this when I was knitting the toe on the second sock, so I had to skip these two rounds again.  (I'm not sure why I didn't pick it up, there are similar formatting issues in other parts of the pattern.  Make sure to read it carefully before you knit!)  

The two socks weigh 13 g.  The project used ~8 g of black and ~6 g of white yarn.  The finished socks are about 3.75" long.   I have no idea what size baby these will fit, but hopefully my child won't have huge feet like me right from the get go!  

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