Thursday, November 14, 2013

A New Life Amigurumi

I finished the BombOmb and had a lot of fun.  There are a few Mario loving people on my Christmas list, so why not make a fun mushroom ornament?  

I used 2 g (7 yards) of Sidar Country Style DK for the spots, 3g (~7 yards) of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (WOTA) White for the mushroom body, and 13 g (29  yards) of WOTA Grass for the mushroom head.  
Size F crochet hook for everything.  

I'm starting to get more comfortable with a crochet hook.  Maybe eventually I will start making these amigurumi out of fingering weight wool like I prefer to do with my knit amigurumi's.  For now, I am enjoying busting up my stash of WOTA remnants.  

Around row 16, I started to worry that I was going to run out of green yarn.  I had JUST enough!  

I embroidered the eyes with black palette before any stuffing happened.   (Hehe, stuffed mushroom!)

Since I didn't have much White WOTA, I decided to use some white DK yarn to make the spots.  

I tacked the spots onto the mushroom with the loose ends to get the placement right in relation to the eyes (I could see how it would be easier to embroider the eyes AFTER sewing on the spots... oh well.)  And then I used a needle and white thread to sew them down.  

Overall, I am very happy with this little project!  Now try to catch your extra life.  

Make sure you check out some other amazing free Mario themed crochet patterns!


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