Friday, October 10, 2014

Customizing a Crib

When Lucky was 10 months old, we were finally ready to set up his first crib.  He had been sleeping in a pack'n'play in our room until we moved into a two bedroom apartment at 8 months old.  I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy crib, we got a highly rated one from Ikea and decided to spoof it up with some Spoonflower decals.

Note: about a month after we ordered the decals Spoonflower discontinued the decals.  They now offer peal and stick wallpaper which can be cut and used with a similar effect.  A 2 ft swatch is $7.50.  

We picked a design called Under the Sea, Watercolor by dennisthebadger.  This designer has many FANTASTIC designs.  We also considered the dinosaur design before we knew we settled on the ocean themed nursery.

We selected the Sundvik Crib from Ikea in black-brown.  Each side has two well defined sections that would be perfect for decorating.  We only wanted to apply the decal to the top panel.  It measured 26.75" x 14.75".  (Make sure you measure your own, don't just take our word for it!)  We knew that two 30"x30" decals would give us all the design we needed with decal to spare.

Since the decals are removable, I wasn't concerned about the placement or positioning.  I just crossed my fingers and started adding it.  I figured that if I needed to I could always trim the decal down some more, but it ended up fitting perfectly!  

If you don't want to go with custom printed decals, you could get some from the store that don't come in a huge sheet and artistically stick them to the end of the crib to make it fit your decor.  

Now all that's left is to assemble the crib and move it into his room.  

We have some fun ideas about what we will do with the leftover decal strips, and it isn't just putting the designs up on the wall.  Stay tuned for some fun ideas for what you can do with these remnants.  

Lucky has never slept in anything that wasn't a pack'n'play, so we were a littler nervous about how this transition would go.  

I think Lucky loves his new crib, don't you?