Thursday, March 5, 2015

Video: How to make your own niddy noddy out of PVC Pipe

A few years ago I made my own niddy noddy out of PVC pipe we purchased at the local hardware store.  While I shared a video on how I wind yarn onto my niddy noddy, and the link to the tutorial on making my own niddy noddy I published with AllFreeKnitting, I never shared the video of making my own niddy noddy here with you!  I hope that you consider making your own.  It saved me a lot of money and I have one collapsible niddy noddy that I can use to make many different sized skeins.

Keith had access to a saw at work so he cut the pieces for me. You can usually get a few free cuts or pay a couple of dollars at the home improvement store for them to cut the pieces down for you.

I most often make 4 ft skeins on the niddy noddy (using a 12" middle section), but I have enough extra pieces and connectors to triple this.  It is much harder to wind larger skeins, but at least you could get something consistent!