Monday, October 1, 2012

I made my own Niddy Noddy!

After you spin yarn, you need to get the yarn off of the spindle.  I suppose you could try winding it directly into a center pull ball, but you often need to set the twist (often with heat and water.  It seems similar to blocking to me...  but I am not an expert.)  There are commercially available niddy noddies on the market, but these can be ~$20 each, and you need niddy noddy for each size skein you want to create.

With $6.50 worth of supplies from Home Depot, I was able to create my own niddy noddy that can be changed into multiple different sizes.  I purchased three 2' pieces of 1/2" PVC pipe and cut them into 4- 6" pieces and 2- 12" pieces.  Other materials include 2 1/2" Streamline PVC SxSxS Tee Junctions, 4 1/2" Streamline PVC Caps and 2 1/2" PVC SlipxSlip coupling pieces.

 I wrote a tutorial to accompany the video on how I constructed this niddy noddy, available at AllFreeKnitting.