Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spinning Seafoam Silk

I dyed my own silk hankies, and now it is time to spin it!  This is my second attempt spinning silk hankies and   I forgot how easy it could be!

I started out dyeing 1 ⅛ oz (31 g) because I wanted enough yardage to make a whole project with.  I calculated the yardage/weight from my first silk hankie spinning attempt, which is how I arrived at this number.

This silk made my spindle a little sticky.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to wash this off.  I'd read that some silk can be gummy a bit, and that can make it difficult for the fiber to take dye.  These hankies took all of the dye that I added, but are still a bit less smooth than the pre-dyed hankies I purchased from knitpicks.

The pictures are making the yarn look more of a teal when it is a blue with only a hint of green.  There is great depth of color, and I am really excited to knit a project with this yarn.  How much did I end up with?  329 wraps * 4 ft/wrap = 1316 feet = 438 yards. 

I recently purchased a WPI (wraps per inch) tool so I could get a better estimate on the yarn weight was creating.  This yarn has is ~35 wpi which makes it clearly lace weight.

I decided to call this yarn seafoam silk.  I love how stunning it looks wrapped up in a skein.  What do you think I should make with it?