Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's Crochet a Baby Hat! (Video)

Did you know that the ChemKnits YouTube videos have over 2 million views?  Keith has been wanting me to do a "Let's Knit" series for a while.  He wanted me to film the knitting of an entire object and then share that video on my channel.  I decided to start with a "Let's Crochet" video because I wanted a project I could complete in one sitting.  In the span of one hour, I completed a really fun Shell Stitch Beanie.

This is not really a how to video.  I'm not teaching anything, I'm just crocheting a hat on camera.  Upside down.  I didn't have a good table to work at where I could have the camera go over my shoulder, so I had it looking down at my lap.  I also was worried in the middle of filming about the contrast, it might have been nicer to use a yarn that wasn't so pale because sometimes I think the stitch definition was lost.

I used a size H crochet hook (5 mm) and 30 g (53 yards) of Bernet Cottontot's Ombre in "Wonder Dream"  As for the hat pattern, it was a really simple crochet project.  I wish I had selected some yarn with more elasticity so the hat would have a bit more give.

Can you find the mistake?
I made  one mistake during the crochet project.  In one of the shells there are only 3 dc's in the cluster instead of 4.  Whoops!  I don't think anyone would notice but me and I didn't want to rip out an entire round on video.

The mistake I discovered too late.
I don't normally time how long it takes me to finish a project (the 10 hour remnant afghan and arm knit cowl finished in under 1 hour are exceptions), but in this case I know it took me about an hour to finish this lacy crochet hat. This hat took me about an hour to complete and and in the video I'm going at about 1000% of my normal speed.  It would be awesome if I could speed myself up like this in normal life to get stuff done!

What do you think about the "Let's Crochet" video?  Should I try this with another type of project?  I hope that you had fun, because I sure did!