Thursday, May 5, 2016

Plaid Quilted Coster

Some projects from 1, 2, 3 Sew I'm not that excited about, but I force myself to do them anyway because the skills are beneficial.  However, I'm not that excited about the plaid coasters.  I feel that after making the quilted potholders I have a lot of beginning quilting up my sleeve, and this project requires plain fabric plus a lot of thread colors.  Plus a lot of bobbins.  What is a girl to do?

After I cut the fabric for my minion tote bag (yet to be sewn together) I had some scraps of cotton canvas that would be big enough for one coaster.  I also had some cotton batting scraps from the pot holders and I attached the scraps together with a zig zag stitch and then squared off the edges so it would be the correct size.  I'm not planning on making 4 coasters, just this one so this should be all of the fabric that I need.

I still need to order more bobbins, so I currently one have one empty bobbin to work with.  The metallic thread is so thin and delicate that I decided to just use a black bobbin for all the stripes.  There is nothing wrong with a clear RS and WS, right?

Compared with the craft caddy (I'm waiting to go purchase more thread) this project is super simple.

I found the quilting to be really fun and satisfying to do, but I'm not sure how many of these coasters would really be useful.  Before I started, I decided that I would make this coaster for Keith to bring to work or have in his home office.  I'd rather apply this technique to something more complicated.  Maybe create my own textile for a pouch (hey... that's an idea for later chapters since I'm not excited about the stamping!)

I used an air soluble marker to designate where the first quilting lines would go
Finished in black thread
Next I added the gold
Finally, the silver!  (You can see the difference much more in person.)  

The final coaster is darling.  I love the shiny metallic threads and the wrong side looks cool, too.

The wrong side of the coaster.  I think this looks super cool, too!
Do I think I should have made 4 of these coasters?  No.  Maybe I will make some other coasters at some point, but I should challenge myself to add applique on one side and then quilt around that on all edges.  That sounds fun, right?

Now I still have to wait to get more thread before I can get back to my craft caddy construction, but this fun little coaster was a nice distraction.  I hope that Keith likes it!

Project started 11.5.2015