Friday, June 3, 2016

Ikea Sundvik Hack - A Dinosaur Crib

There are some small decorations I did for Lucky's Under the Sea Nursery that I wanted to repeat in Rowdy's room.  I loved adding some decals to the ends of the crib to help add to the decor and theme of the room.  Once again, I fell in love with with the designs by dennisthebadger over on Spoonflower.  This isn't a Ikea "hack" as much as a personalization/decoration, but I hope that you have fun seeing me set up something amazing for my newest baby.

When Lucky was born Spoonflower offered 30"x30" peel and stick decals which I used for the under the sea crib. They no longer offer decals but they do offer peel and stick wall paper at $7.50/foot.  

Just for scale, here is the half size print wall paper along with the SAME DESIGN of a fat quarter. Ultimately I don't care that the scale is larger, I think it will look awesome.

The dimensions of the space I want to cover is 26.75" x 14.75".  The wall paper is only 24" wide (actual width 24.5") so I'll have to center it in the block.  I ordered a 4 ft roll because I was concerned with the scale of the pattern and wanted to be able to align the sides up exactly the way I wanted.  You could easily get away with 3 ft if the scale of the pattern is smaller.  I'll leave 1" before I start placing the paper and cross my finger that it works well.

From all of my sewing projects, I am becoming much more comfortable with cutting things.  (Thanks to my rotary cutter and cutting mat.)  This was REALLY REALLY easy to cut with the rotary cutter.  I'm not sure it is perfect but I know my boys will love the end result so I'm not concerned.

The nice thing with the peel and stick wall paper is that it can be re-positioned.  If I mess up when I start to add it to the crib face then I can unstick and start over.

One of the pieces is a little too far over to the right but I don't care.  Eeee this look so cool!

I can't really imagine trying to add this wallpaper onto the crib once it has already been built.  Being able to lay everything flat on the floor is so helpful!

With the crib positioned on the back wall of the room not everyone might notice the customization right away... but Lucky sure did!  My dinosaur loving toddler was so excited to see his baby brother's crib and point out all of the different dinosaur species to me.  Now that Rowdy is here the boys spend a lot of time snuggling in the crib together (although this was completed before Rowdy was born at almost 4 months old he is still sleeping in a cosleeper in my bedroom.)  It makes a great location for some fun photoshoots!

This is just a quick and fun way to turn an Ikea crib into a custom piece designed for a nursery.  I have some other projects planned for this room and can't wait to show you what I've come up with.