Monday, July 11, 2016

Behind the Design of the Love Bug Hat

Let's take a look behind the scenes of the Valentine's Day Love Bug Crochet Baby Hat!  

Really this post is an excuse to share a bunch of pictures of Rowdy I took along the way.  I didn't want to bog down the pattern post with a bunch of adorable baby pictures.

Back at a few weeks old Rowdy was so sleepy!  He let me try the hat on him while he was asleep and he would STAY asleep!  Now that he is almost 6 months old he is napping in his crib by himself and I need him awake to be a little model.  

After 13 rounds the hat on Rowdy is a tad bit short.  Since he is only 2 weeks old I want to make the hat a little longer.  I want this hat to fit well at 1 month old and I know from Lucky how much heads grow right now!  The hat is fitting with positive ease right now so it doesn't stay on the head super well, but this means that it will fit a larger head very well.

The hat is too long to fit my 2 week old but this Rowdy boy is still in newborn clothes.  I want this hat to fit a bit longer.

I'm not saying that I did this, but it is possible that I took a picture of Rowdy with his crochet Love Bug hat after almost every round.  Why take boring pictures of the hat on its own when I could have it snuggle with a newborn?  

I knew that I wanted to make a little lady bug hat for my February due baby.  I wanted there to be little hearts on it so once I had the heart size figured out I just needed to create the basic hat pattern to fit on my Rowdy boy.  I hope to get some more of my design ideas completed for him but right now I'm still in survival mode staying home with two boys.  

Look at those cheeks!  Rowdy still has cheeks for days but he is also rolling all over the place now.  I hope that you enjoyed these snuggly baby pics!