Thursday, July 14, 2016

Space Dyeing a Crochet Chain with Easter Egg Dye Pellets

Time for some more space dyeing!  I really loved how kettle dyeing crocheted roving turned out so I was excited to play with these braids and other dyeing variations.

Easter egg dye pellets contain food coloring and citric acid, however there isn't that much acid so I also like to add vinegar to my dyebaths.  In this experiment I used 8 cups of water, 3T of white vinegar, 100g of wool and 6 Easter egg dye pellets.

In this space dyeing experiment, I selected 3 yellow pellets and 3 red pellets.  Normally I like to do a mixture of red, yellow and orange but I wanted to see how the colors would mix together today.  If I added a secondary color like orange into the mix to start with then this would be harder to visualize.

I really enjoy using Easter Egg Dye Pellets in my videos.  It is so much fun to see the color dissolve and then go into the fiber.  It is much more cost effective to purchase liquid food coloring but if you wait until just after Easter you can pick up a lot of kits on sale.

Check out the dyeing video to see how this dyeing went down!

Video: Space Dyeing Braided Roving with Easter Egg Dye Pellets

Video Contents
  • [0:00] Introduction
  • [0:49] Crocheting the roving into a "braid"
  • [1:50] Dyebath setup
  • [3:21] Adding the Easter Egg Dye pellets
  • [4:32] 5 minutes later
  • [5:13] 5 minutes later
  • [5:46] 10 minutes later (20 minutes total post dye)
  • [6:24] Removing the roving from the dyebath
  • [7:09] Washing the fiber
  • [7:53] reveal of dry fiber and conclusions

The finished braid looked like a rising sun. I LOVE how vibrant the colors turned out.

Look how fun the color spacing is!  The mixture of orange, yellow, red and white looks very much like a tie dyed shirt.  This will be so much fun to spin!  

I cannot wait to explore this technique further.  What colors would you like to mix when you space dye?