Monday, April 10, 2017

GENEie Video

April 22, the date of the March for Science, is only a couple of weeks away.  I am marching to support evidence based legislation, science education for children and science outreach for adults.  I believe that government science funding is fundamental to advancements in medicine, technology and knowledge.  If you are a follower of ChemKnits, you've seen me share many of my DNA based designs, the GENEie Collection.  I created a video to talk a bit about each of the different designs and the techniques that go into them.

I have published many different science themed knitting patterns here on ChemKnits.  However, there is a collection of patterns that I've created specifically for the March:
Please continue to tag me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as you're working on your own GENEies.  I love to see your works in progress!