Friday, July 27, 2018

Weekly Roundup - Planning for the Holidays

Retail is full with Christmas in July sales, but what about some Chanukah in July?

This week, I launched my first miniskein sampler in the ChemKnits Creations Etsy Store. The 2018 ChemKnits Chanukah Sampler will feature 8 different hand dyed mini-skeins of yarn to unwrap while you watch the new yarn dyeing videos that will be released each night.   This is a whole new way to participate in the ChemKnits Tutorials YouTube channel, you can feel and see the yarn yourself as you watch me create the beautiful colors. These videos, and therefore your sampler, will feature 8 different yarn bases and 8 different dyeing techniques. You can choose between a 5 g or a 10 g sampler, and there is also an option to add a 100 g limited edition Chanukah skein of sock yarn to your sampler.  

There are limited slots available, so if you want to unwrap delightful mini-skeins while watching new ChemKnits dyeing videos, don't wait too long!  All of the packages will ship the first week of November 2018 so you can get them in time for Chanukah (starting at sundown on December 2.)  You don't need to be Jewish to celebrate with me!  I look forward to filming these dyeing videos and sharing some of my family's Chanukah traditions with you.

Thinking about winter, I am currently working on a new lacy cowl for myself.  The pattern, Autopilot, is available for free through Ravelry.  I am taking two skeins of yarn dyed by the ChemKids and combining them into a fade so use their creativity to help keep me warm this winter.

Dyepot Weekly #60 came out this morning, and this is a very summery video as I start thinking about winter.  I dyed four skeins of yarn (including 3 cotton blends) with dry Tulip One Step Tie Dye Powder.  I first tried this technique during cellulose week, but when KnitPicks released three new cotton yarn lines I didn't want to wait to dye them.  All of this yarn is currently available for purchase in the ChemKnits Creations store, but there is only one of each available.  

I spend the week filming a lot of new dyeing videos.  It has been so fun to sit down and just play with color!  I have a massive editing queue now, but it is a good problem to have as a YouTuber.  I love being able to bring you two new dyeing videos every week, and in addition to the Chanukah week I've got some other special weeks coming up.  

Did you know that ChemKnits is going to turn 10 this December?  I started this blog back during a New Years trip to New Hampshire in 2008.  All of my friends went skiing and I decided to stay in the cabin for some reason. I was researching free Earflap Hat Knitting Patterns and wished that someone had a list online.  Since I was compiling a list of links and notes, I decided that I should create a blog to share them myself.  Look back at my first ever ChemKnits post!  I had a database I created that kept notes of my projects (this was pre-Ravelry) and I quickly found that ChemKnits made a much better lab notebook.  I took detailed notes on my projects in case I wanted to re-create anything.  Plus, I figured it could be helpful to someone.  I did not imagine back then that other people would enjoy my crafting journey.  Looking back at this "Howdy" post I also realized that I've been shopping at KnitPicks for over a decade!  

I'm still not completely sure how to celebrate ChemKnits' 10th birthday, but I hope to do something special.  I also look forward to what we can create over the next decade.  Thank you for being part of the journey!