Friday, July 20, 2018

Weekly Roundup - Unboxings and Making Space for More Yarn

This week has all been about organization and bringing some more order to my house.  I forced myself to take some time off of dyeing yarn to clean... and in the process I might have ordered a LOT more yarn.  KnitPicks is currently having a 20% off sale with the coupon code SUMMER20. (Affiliate Link) They had a HUGE restock of bare yarns in June, so the bare yarns that I use the most (Stroll, Swish, WOTA, and Hawthorne) are all available. I have had many regrets of one of my standard bases being out of stock when these coupon codes come around, so you can bet I took advantage of this one.  I have some fun plans for the end of this year, so I think I might also take this as an opportunity to restock some bare yarns I use less frequently, too.  

My unboxing livestreams are a usually a little more involved than just opening up the boxes and showing the fun squish yarn I purchased.  I love chatting with all of you, and these are a great opportunity to ask me questions!  If you want to make sure you catch my next livestream, subscribe to the ChemKnits Tutorials YouTube Channel and turn on the notifications.  I love to do dyeing and spinning livestreams, too!  

Even when I take the week off, you're going to get at least one new episode of Dyepot Weekly!  This week two very different videos came out.  In Dyepot Weekly #57, I took a look at kettle dyeing some sock yarn using Tulip One Step Tie Dye.  It is really fun to combine this easy to find dye with heat, and the colorway I got was really lovely.  In Dyepot Weekly #58, I decided to look at a new way to create a repeating speckled gradient yarn.  I decided to create a crochet chain of crochet chains and then dip dye it into Wilton's Violet food coloring.  With the yarn folded over on itself multiple times, there was limited surface area, so the colors broke in a fantastic speckled pattern.  Watch the video to see more about how I created this fun yarn.  

This is my second attempt to write the Weekly Roundup for this week.  I found myself distracted with some memories of my Grandmother.  When I stopped writing, I realized that it didn't quite qualify as a "Weekly Roundup" and that I should create a second, somewhat shorter, post.  Soon I'll have to properly take you through my knitting studio, but first I have to figure out where to put all of this new yarn!