Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beer and Wine Cozy Pattern Search

Beer cozies were such a big hit as a gift, I decided to do a search for free patterns. These are great projects for using up remnant yarn. They can also jazz up a birthday or house warming gift.

No bottom on cozies means that their function won't double as a coaster.
  • Beer Cozy - Two color, striped. Is like a wristlet for the beer bottle!
  • Round the bottle Wine Cozy - This would be more fun than just a gift bag! With a cute tie on top.
  • Felted Fair Isle Beer Cozy - This is felted with hearts, made for a can with a bottom. Was tested, and actually keeps the beer cold.
  • Game day beer cozies - Knit in you favorite team colors! These have a bottom
  • Girl Beer Cozy - This is a tiny sweater (with arms!) that you can slip your beer into. There is no bottom to the cozy.
  • King's Cozy - This beer cozy goes up the neck of the beer bottle and has cables.
  • Striped Wine Sack A simple project that could be good for a beginner who wants to play with felting. A drawstring or ribbon keeps the top closed.
  • Swirled Wine Bottle cozy Nice textured pattern. Has a tie on top.
  • Beer Huggie - Simple and has a bottom
  • Wine Felted Snuggly with a handle - it looks like the wine bottle is in a mug with the cute handle.
  • Keep your wine cozy - These are open topped, likely would work to keep your wine cool.
  • Winter Wine Cozy - Knit in chenille and would make great gift bags.
  • Wine Cozy - Plain or with embroidered stars. the ties have tassels on the end (like most patterns on, these are fantastic!)
  • Woodridge Wine Cozy - this is not super fitted, but may keep the wine warm. (They remind me of the wine coolers with ice at restaurants.)
  • Sock Yarn Beer Cozy - These go up on the neck. The self striping sock yarn makes them fun!
  • Ribbed and varied beer cozies - there are charts to include His or Hers on the cozies.
  • Knit Beer Bottle - So this isn't a cozy, but it is SUPER cute
  • Beer Cozies - Pattern is for both covering the neck of the bottle, or just the lower portion.
  • Felted Beer Can Cozy - simple and single color.
  • Cotton Cabled Wine Cozy - Two color, delicate and pretty with a tassel closure
  • Harry Potter Wine Cozies - Charts to make the different Harry Potter House Crests on a wine Cozy (using's cozy pattern)
  • Edit 5.14.09 - Beer cozy patterns by Chemknits: Knit one below beer cozy (create a vertical stripe pattern with your remnant yarn) and the Peptide Beer cozy (For the scientist in you!)
  • Edit 11.22.09 - The newest beer cozy by ChemKnits: The "Hangover" Beer Cozy has the structure of ibuprofen on one side and a scheme of alcohol metabolism on the other. Enjoy!
  • Edit 02.22.10 - The newest beer cozy by ChemKnits: The "Resveratrol Wine Cozy" which features the Resveratrol molecule on one side. This could also be dubbed the Fountain of Youth Wine Cozy
  • Edit 03.03.10 - The newest wine cozy from ChemKnits: The Drop Stitch Wine Bag. This is a fast and easy way to dress up a bottle of wine for a hostess gift, and use up some remnant yarn at the same time (as the project does not require much!)
  • Edit 4.7.10 -The newest beer cozy from Chemknits: Bacilysin Beer Cozy. This "Antibiotic" beer cozy contains the molecular structure of the antibiotic Bacilysin charted on the side.
  • Edit 9.6.10 - The newest pattern published at ChemKnits by guest designer Joy S. Grape. Star Trek Uniform Beer Cozy - This bottomless cozy is knit in the round and has a little Star Trek logo on the upper edge.
  • Edit 12.28.13 - ChemKnits is proud to share her newest Beer Cozy Knitting Pattern - The Zig-Zag Beer Cozy.  Now you have a nice and elegant Beer Cozy option with this simple eyelet design of vertical zig-zags.