Monday, March 29, 2010

Golf Buddies

I found the pattern for this Golf Buddy by Amalia Samios and thought it was too cute to NOT make as a stocking stuffer. (NOTE: The pattern is available for free download at Ravelry, but you will need to make a free account to be able to view the pattern.) I don't think that this is something a golfer would ever have a practical use for, but I'm hoping that it will get a laugh or a grin. It was a great, short project that can use some of the billions of yards of remnant wool I have around the house.

Materials Used:
Size 4 dpn, Remnants of worsted weight wool.

My modifications to the pattern:
  • In the golf ball section, I knit this body in the round versus flat, eliminating the seam at the end.
  • For the main body rib pattern: K2,P1 until last 2 sts, K1, P1.
  • The pattern was a little ambiguous about the length of the main body rib pattern. "Repeat until 42 row pattern" could mean 42 rows of the new ribbing, or 42 rows total in the project. The diameter of a golf ball is 1.7 inches. To fit 3 golf balls in this buddy, you would need 5.1 inches. At 42 rows with the cuff uncuffed, the length was only 5 inches. After 10 more rows, the length with the cuff should be sufficient for three golf balls.
Now I had trouble finding golf balls to go along with this buddy. I don't know what makes one ball different from another, but I did find a bunch of novelty golf balls on Amazon.