Monday, March 15, 2010

Window Pane Golf Cozy

These may be for golf clubs, but they look almost like tennis racquets to me!

There are many golf club cozies available (see my pattern search), and I selected the Window Pane Golf Club Covers for a present. The two colored head makes it amenable to do in school colors. I decided to create two, but to leave out the number panel entirely. To make the covers distinguishable, I used an inverted color scheme. (I was also afraid that I may not have enough wool in each color to make two the same.)

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Yarn in White and Red and size 7 double pointed needles for the cozies.

My readers will know that I loathe seaming, so I knit in the round whenever possible.
Modifications to the pattern:
  • After the first row, joined to knit in the round.
  • Cuff ribbing: *k2, p3, rep from * to last st, and p.
  • I then realized that I was working the RS of my project as the WS in the pattern. I therefore flipped it inside out after the 52nd row. Effectively changing the ribbing to [K4, *p2, K3* until the end of the row]
  • The Inc Row in the pattern is worked from the wrong side. I redistributed the 11 increases as follows based on my rib modification. Kfb, kfb, K2, *pfb, P1, K3* repeat 5 times, pfb, pfb, K3, pfb, pfb (47 sts)
  • For the body rows, on even # rows where it says purl, knit.
  • I eliminated the the number pannel entirely (since I don't know what number clubs the cozy recipient would want to use this for), and continued the slip stitch pattern across the entire row. (to make up for the seem, in the last stitches, S1, K1 S1.)
  • In the second cozy, I increased the sts to 48 sts so the window pattern appears uninterrupted.

Also note: A Bar increase is the same as knitting in the front and back of the same stitch. This was the first time I've seen that terminology. I always use Kfb (knit in the front and back) or pfb (purl in the front and back).