Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laura's Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat

My friend Laura is a a huge Harry Potter fan. We once tried (foolishly) to have a marathon and watch all of the movies in one sitting (we made it through the first two). I could not imagine a better pattern to use than "Hermione Loves Ron" the hat Hermione wore in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I want to use Sidar Country Style DK wool (machine washable - 45% Acrylic, 40% nylon, 15% wool) in Color 423 (dusky pink) and size 3 knitting needles. There are two patterns for this Hermione hat, one using worsted weight wool and another with sport weight (this one is available for free at Ravelry, but you have to make a free account).

I like the way the ribbing looks on the WS more than the RS, so I inverted the project after this row. When weaving in the loose ends I took care of the tiny hole.

right side (left) and wrong side (right) of the ribbing

I did 5 repeats of the cable/lace instead of 4. I suppose that this makes the hat longer than it appears on Emma Watson in the movie, but I preferred to make this a hat versus a cap.

Side of hat (left) and top of hat (right). I thought the deceases were really pretty.

Enjoy the hat, Laura!