Sunday, September 5, 2010

Even MORE Knit Toy Book Reviews

I'm so happy to find so many toy knitting books in the Minuteman Library Network. As I've been flipping through dozens of knitting books this year, I wonder how the authors feel about libraries. It seems silly to me to purchase a book for a single pattern, but then again I frequently do not want to purchase a single pattern for $5. But each time I borrow a book from the library for a single pattern, I'm cutting into the profits of the author. Thoughts?

Anyway, enjoy the reviews of the following toy knitting books.

Knit a Square/Make a Toy: 24 of the Easiest Soft Toys You'll Ever Knit! by Home Library

I have friends who are intimidated to make toys because they are scared of shaping. When asked what they like to make, they feel that they can confidently make a square or rectangle, but have fears of knitting in the round. This book would be great for that kind of knitter.

Each pattern in this book is made up as a series of squares and rectangles. The shaping comes through the way you stitch the pieces together. There are sketches that accompany each pattern showing you exactly how you should put the pieces together.

The finished products are extremely cute. I don't know if I'll knit any of these pieces myself (I am much worse with my stitching than I am with my knitting, so I'd prefer to knit pieces with shape and minimize the amount of sewing I have to do.) That being said, this book is great to show someone that ANYONE can make a knit toy.

Family Circle Easy Toys: 25 Delightful Creations to Knit and Crochet (Family Circle) by Trisha Malcolm

First impressions: HUGE toys (enough for a kid to sit on!), amazing texture (don't you want to hug the pig on the cover?) and DINOSAURS!

These toys include: Knitted Toy Blocks, Teddy Bears (many variates: large, small, color blocked and clothed), Owl (wow, the novelty yarn ends up looking like feathers!), bunnies (multiple variates), lizard, Duckling (a fluffball from the novelty yarn), a clown made of crochet disks, sheep, snakes, DINOS, penguins, large squirrel, Fuzzy Polar Bear, hedgehog, panda floor pillow, pig.

I'm in love with the variety in this book. There are so many different shapes and textures that there is something for everyone in this book. I highly recommend it!

Nursery Knits: 25 Easy-Knit Designs for Clothes, Toys and Decorations by Zoe Mellor

So this book is not strictly a toy knitting book, but it contains projects that would tempt anyone, no matter what your knitting preference is. The book is separated based on the age of the child you're knitting for, from New baby, Nursery to Toddler.

The Patterns:
  • Clothing: Puppy and Kitten Sweaters, Outdoor Snuggle, Angel Dress, Luxury Lettered Coat, Head Honcho Poncho, A boy's own jacket, Fancy Fair Isle (sweater and matching hat), 1-2-3 sweater, Polka Dot Button-Up
  • Accessories: Mini Mittens, Cashmere Bootees, Snowflake Hat and Scarf
  • For the Home: Starlight Blanket, Floating Clouds Pillow, Kaleidoscope Throw (and matching Rainbow Cushion), Party Flags, My Own Puppet Theatre
  • Toys: My First Teddy, Darling Doll, Playful Penguin, Zoo Toy Bag (with a pocket to hold a little toy on the outside), Play Cubes, Puppets
I'm not sure how you would stuff the play cubes tight enough that a kid could sit on them without it getting crushed at all... This isn't a book you would buy just for toy patterns. This is a book you would buy when you find yourself having to make gifts for multiple expecting parents and first birthdays.


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