Thursday, September 2, 2010

Search for Oven Mitt Knitting Patterns

I love making Oven Mitts as housewarming gifts. I have at least 7 in recent years. The pattern I've used is quick, easy and produces a functional oven mitt. I am curious how many other free patterns there are out there.

  • Out of the Frying Pan - This is the oven mitt pattern that I am so partial to. It is very easy to whip up one of these in an afternoon (although the felting process takes some more time).
  • Hot Out of the Oven Set: Casserole and Oven Mitts - There is a square pot holder, an oven mitt, and casserole mitts, which have two hands connected by a strip which will protect you from bringing a hot dish out of the oven. The small pot holder is knit in a spiral pattern.
  • Felted Thanksgiving Oven Mitt - Standard oven mitt shape. What makes this pattern fabulous are the illustrations of how to do each of the steps. This is a great pattern for beginners.
  • Alpaca Felted Oven Mitts - Cute
  • Felted Oven Mitts - These are knit from the top down. Good for if you don't know how much yarn you have left!
  • Oven Mitts - So this pattern is there... but I'm not sure how heat resistant these will be... But it's free, so I've added it to the list.
  • Oven Mitts Knitting Pattern - These are square, with space for your hand in the middle.
  • Felted Mitten: Keep your hands COOL - This oven mitt has a chart to put a heart on it! Super cute.

Pot Holders (Unless otherwise indicated,these are squares.)
It would be easy to modify the above pot holder patterns to contain whatever design you want.

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