Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giving Old Knits to Charity

What you do with hand knit items that you no longer use? Should you store them in your closet indefinitely because of the time it took you to create it?

Don't hold onto a knit item just for the sake of keeping it, instead give it to someone who needs it, and would use it. You can include hand knit items with your donation of old clothes to Good Will and Salvation Army.

I am preparing for a move across the country, so Keith and I are evaluating our belongings and reducing the amount of stuff we have. My feelings aren't hurt when we choose to give away something that I knit, I would rather that my hard work be used by someone than sit in a closet unseen and unused.

Even if I don't know who they are, the hat was made with love.

Today, we made the decision to donate the earflap hat that I made for Keith because it didn't fit him properly, so therefore he never wore it. Hopefully this hat will be able to keep someone warm through the winter cold.