Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Search for Music Related Knitting Patterns

My future husband is a guitarist, and I enjoy trying to combine his music with my knitting. Some of my designs feature guitars, but I was curious about what other types of musical knitting patterns were available. Therefore, I bring to you: A search for Musical Knits! Some of these free patterns will definitely make you sing.

Do you have a knitting project that you are super proud of? Submit your favorite knitting projects to KPOTD. You might find yourself selected as the Knitting Project of the Day!


  1. Great post! I found it very useful. Love the final result. Thanks for the inspiration and the tips.

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  3. i wuould love to see you designed knittings, and offcourse your loved music, thats amazing if your husband have guitar playing skills, Great article Lot's of information to Read...Great Keep Posting and update to People..Thanks

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