Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knitting with Safety Lines

There is nothing more frustrating than finding a mistake in your knitting. If you decide to unravel your work to fix the error, which is depressing in of itself, sometimes you go too far. This is especially a problem when you are working with small delicate fibers like crochet cotton in lace knitting.

Safety lines allow you to protect your knitting from dropped stitches by only allowing things to unravel to your most recent safety line. I used the safety line technique when I was working on knit garters for my wedding.

I created the following video for to demonstrate how I use safety lines. The video is broken in to four sections:
  • Part 1 (0:02): Why use safety lines.
  • Part 2 (1:01): Adding the safety line to your knitting.
  • Part 3 (3:23): Knitting past the safety line.
  • Part 4 (3:46): Removing the Safety Line

Safety Lines: How to Protect Your Knitting


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