Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garters in stages

The problem with publishing my knitting adventures is that the recipients of my knit gifts may also read the blog. I knit a garter to wear at my wedding, and then decided to knit them for each of my bridesmaids. Two of the girls are also getting married this summer (so I let them know in advance), but I couldn't post about the garters in progress before my wedding because it would spoil the surprise for the rest of the bridesmaids!

Now that I am married (!) I can happily share the WIP (work in progress) status of what I did this Spring. I present to you the WIP of the garters from 45 days before the wedding.

45 days before the wedding I am done with 4 and a half of the garters, at least in terms of the knitting. One and a half garters left to finish knitting!