Friday, June 22, 2012


I am in love with Susanna IC's crescent shaped shawlettes. When she decided to do a choose your own crescent knit along starting at the end of February, how could I resist? I wish that it were another mystery KAL, but you cannot get everything you want. This was a perfect chance for me to try Annis. I was excited to use the Alpaca Cloud (color tidepool heather) from my stash. I love alpaca yarns, and am hoping to use this yarn line for a larger shawl later this year.

I cast on using the backwards loop cast on onto size 10 needles. P1 row with size 7 needles before starting the lace border. (This happens to be Susanna IC's preferred method to start her shawls. It is a bit finicky, but the edge is so stretchy that you can show off all of the points really well.)

The lace portion of the shawl looked really small. Alpaca Cloud Lace is a bit thinner than shadow lace. Blocking is magical, and made it a reasonable sized shawl.

In March I joined the 12 shawls in 2012 group on Ravelry. It is a fun group and there are a lot of people who share their pictures of completed projects. There are even random drawings for prizes for each of the 12 months. This month, my yardage concern was not that I would run out of yarn.. but that I would use enough yarn in my shawl to be able to count it!

When there was 1 stitch remaining on each end after the short rows, I knit to the end of the row, SSK. Next Row: S1, Purled to the end of the row, P2tog the last 2 sts together. I then bound off using the p2tog method. 19 g remained before binding off.. which means I made the limit... BARELY! 0.64 skeins = 281.6 yards (257.5m)

This project made be fall in love with nupps. I love the way they stand out, and am so happy that I chose nupps rather than substituting with beads. If I make this shawl again (with this yarn) I would add more repeats.

The shawl is as delicate looking as a butterfly wing. I like that it is so transparent, but still will have some warmth!