Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Search for Free DNA Helix Knitting Patterns

This the first time I am doing a non-free pattern search here at ChemKnits. The DNA helix scarf has been very popular with the science crowd, and since 2009 I have discovered many other fabulous DNA themed knitting patterns. These patterns deserve mention here at ChemKnits, even if you would have to pay for the honor of knitting them.

Free DNA Helix Knitting Patterns
  • DNA Cable Beer Cozy - I designed this cozy to work out my own DNA cable knitting chart.  This was a swatch for a larger Kindle design.
  • DNA Helix Kindle Cover - I wanted to create a Kindle cover for my Chemist father.  I worked out the DNA chart in the beer cozy above and incorporated this cable DNA helix into a kindle cover.  
  • GENEie Collection - I designed 5 different patterns for the March for Science on April 22, 2017.  These hats and headbands involve both cable and colorwork representations of the double helix.  
    • GENEie (Colorwork Version) - 10 colorwork strands of DNA run up the hat.   
    • GENEie (Cable Version) - 10 knit DNA cables run up the hat.  The cable is on a reverse stockinette background and is the same cable featured in the above beer cozy and Kindle cover.  
    • GENEie - The Next Generations - Maybe I should have named these hats and headbands plasmids because a strand of colorwork DNA runs around the brim of the hat.  Toddler and adult sizes are available.  
    • GENEie Pussyhat - The iconic shape of resistance has two DNA cables on a stockinette background.  One runs up front of the hat and the other runs down the back. Of all of the GENEies, this is the easiest to adapt for different yarns and head sizes.  
    • GENEie Plasmid - Now you can knit my DNA cable flat!  I have provided a chart with WS and RS instructions in addition to written instructions to make this sideways headband.  
  • DNA Scarf - A beautiful scarf with the DNA helix running down the length.
  • Eye of the Helix Socks - Deceptively classic looking top down socks, you may not realize at first that these are helical. Pattern is available as a free Ravelry.com download. You may need to create an account.
  • DNA Hat - This hat has a DNA cable helix running around the brim of the hat.
  • DNA Armwarmers - The cable helix runs down the back of the hand up the arm. (These are fingerless mitts)
  • DNA Lace Scarf - The DNA helix is represented in a lace pattern rather than cables in this scarf. Pattern is available as a free Ravelry.com download. You may need to create an account.
  • ProtoPretty DNA Sweater Shell - I was not expecting to see a DNA Sweater! The helix runs down the front of this tank top and is flanked by some interesting lace.
  • Central Dogma Hat (DNA --> RNA --> Protein) - In colorwork, you see the pattern go from DNA to RNA to protein as you start at the brim and go up to the crown of this hat. Pattern is available as a free Ravelry.com download. You may need to create an account.
  • Rosalind - This is another DNA scarf, but once again there is a new twist (haha!) This is an illusion DNA scarf. Pattern is available as a free Ravelry.com download. You may need to create an account.
  • Dreaming the Day Away Kindle Cover - Cover your kindle in a cabled DNA case. Pattern is available as a free Ravelry.com download. You may need to create an account.
  • Chromosome Hat - You don't see the double helix here, but the brim of this hat is surrounded with an unmistakable (to a scientist at least) chromosome design.
  • Chromosomal Flash Drive Cozy - In addition to the chromosomal cable design, there is an icord loop so you can attach the cozy to something.
  • Baby's First DNA molecule - a 3D double helix.
  • Maryanne's Splicable DNA - Another 3D DNA toy but you can "connect" different base pairs. Pattern is available as a free Ravelry.com download. You may need to create an account.

In my search for free DNA helix knitting patterns I also came across many amazing patterns for sale. I wanted to list these, too, because I may want to make some of them in the future. The prices listed are current as of 4/1/2012 (no this isn't a joke!) Many of these patterns are available for Ravelry download, and you shouldn't need to make an account to purchase them. (I may be wrong on this.)

DNA Helix Knitting Patterns for Sale
  • Denature - This is a sock pattern that I have been wanting for a long time. The helix cable splits ("denatures") on the gusset. $5.00 USD.
  • Green Genes Socks - Sock with the DNA helix running down them. I love the title! $5.00 USD.
  • Double Helix Socks - There is a double -double helix pattern down each side of the socks. This is done through lace stitches. ~$4.79 USD.
  • Knitting is in my DNA - A fingerless mitts pattern where the cabled DNA helix wraps around the hand. $5.00 USD.
  • Imagine - A sock pattern where the helix rounds down the top outside edge of the foot. $5.00 USD.

I hope you enjoy all of this helical goodness!


  1. Hey trying to catch up on your blog! When I came across your DNA surch I couldnt help but remember this link here you go I found this blog through one of your other pattren surches!

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for the list, from a cytogeneticist and knitter/crocheter. I'd like to mention the lovely Biological Clock socks, which have the DNA helix along the inner and outer "seams" where the decorative strengthening stitches called "clocks" were found on sewn cloth hose (hence the pattern title). But you'll have to find the book (Eclectic Sole), this single pattern not available directly online to my knowledge.

    1. Awesome pattern! Thanks for sharing it with me.

  3. I've got a free DNA toy pattern if that helps: http://kimberlychapman.com/crafts/knit-patterns-dna.html

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