Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Search for Monkey Knitting Patterns for Babies

I know that there are going to be many monkey themed knitting patterns (and no, I'm not just looking for sock monkey knitting patterns. If fact, since I already have articles on both sock monkey knitting and crochet patterns, I will focus on non-sock monkies.) I wanted to narrow the search further and focus on monkey knitting patterns for baby items.

I have always loved giving monkey toys to puppies, and I know I will feel the same way about babies. (I'm not calling puppies and babies the same, I just love Monkeys!) One of my good friends has a Monkey themed room for their baby due in September. I already made a darling little treat for them (which I'll share sometime in August.)

Not all of these patterns are free, but these are the best of the monkey themed knits for babies that I have been able to find. All prices are applicable as of July 2012.

Free Patterns
  • Imp Bib - I love this monkey bib. The pattern is both charted and written out, and there is even dishcloth pattern with the same design. I have already made this item!
  • A Dish Monkey - Why not make a dishcloth to use a burp cloth or a washcloth for the bath? Available for free download.
  • Monkey Earflap Hat - This darling little hat has a monkey face appliqued to the front of it, complete with smile and ears. Designed to fit 3-9 months. Available for free download.
  • Baby Monkey Hat - This is made to fit a really young baby (0-3 months), has a rolled brim and stick out ears. If you make the base hat larger, you could easily make this to fit a larger child. Available for free download.
  • Mini Motif Baby Mittens - In addition to a darling monkey, there are robots, butterflies, penguins and more animals. Available for free download.
  • Toddler Monkey Hat - A darling earflap hat with a protruding nose and ears. You will need to create a free account to view this free knitting pattern.

Patterns for Purchase - Normally I stick with free knitting patterns in these searches, but sometimes there are patterns that are so amazing that cost money that I have to share them.
  • Woobie Monkey - A cute stuffed monkey head on the middle of a blanket. This is one of a series of patterns, and I want to make the whole collection! $5.50
  • Sleeping Monkey Blanket - A colorwork blanket with two different patterns on either side. Stunning! $6.00
  • Sock Monkey Lovie Blanket - A circular blanket with a stuffed sock monkey head in the center. $4.99
  • Monkey Hat and Diaper Cover Set - These are so darling, they are perfect for a newborn photoshoot. This is also a perfect opportunity to break out that fun fur yarn and put a little tail on the diaper cover. $4.25 for both patterns.
  • Monkey Pullover - A crewneck pullover with a colorwork monkey on the front, with sizes to fit 6 months-4yrs - $6.00
  • Baby's Sock Monkey Sweater - with sizes to fit 3 months-18 months. $5.99
  • Sock Monkey Baby Booties - A sock monkey face with button eyes is on top of the foot. ~$4.17
  • Critter Kids Monkey Newborn - 15lbs - This is a one piece newborn monkey suite. Do you want to knit your baby's first Halloween costume? $5.00
  • Baby Monkey Boots - This is another great opportunity for fun fur yarn when you make these stuffed little monkey booties. $3.95

I hope that you enjoyed my favorite monkey knits for babies! What is your favorite animal to knit for babies?


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