Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Fed a Giraffe!

Guess what? I fed a giraffe! Well not recently, but over a year ago at my Bachelorette Party, one of my bridesmaids arranged for us to feed some Giraffes at the zoo (thank you, Laura!) I was super excited to go to the zoo, but unfortunately my excitement could not be matched by another bridesmaid, Caroline. (My father-in-law loves to see me experience new things because of how excited I get... well he should meet Caroline, too.) For weeks (months?) Caroline would say, Guess what I did? I fed a giraffe!

This giraffe bib consumed 42 g of Bernat CottonTots (color Sunshine) knit on Size 5 knitting needles. I knit the short row version of the pattern with icord ties.

After row 9 I added two full K1, P1 rows. (so Row 10 becomes Row 12, and the first stitch is knit rather than slipped.) I used row 12 from the other beginning, not the short row version. (row 10 in short row section didn't seem to line up with where I was starting on the row.) I really wish row 12 were just included in the chart, but it wasn't such a big deal to count the stitches. To see the chart you need to go to the PDF.

The bib required minimal blocking, like its monkey cousin. The unblocked bib is shown below:

Caroline, how can I do any giraffe project without thinking of you? I miss you!