Monday, March 11, 2013

First Chunky Attempt

I've done a great job (in my humble opinion) of spinning thin singles, but I have not had much control over the spinning yet.  I therefore thought it would be fun to try some slow spinning to create some bulky (or at least worsted) weight yarn.

I wanted to limit my drafting, so I formed the roving into pencil like strips.  Well, more like marker thick strips.  I still wanted to draft a LITTLE!

Spinning bulkier yarn is much easier than I thought.  The key?  Treddle slowly and don't over draft!  The twist moves up the yarn so fast.  I am a little nervous about the strength of this yarn.  I hope that the yarn won't break when I wind it onto the niddy noddy!

The spinning of 100g took such a short period of time (well under 2 hours).  I decided to wind the yarn into a center pull ball so that I could ply it from both ends without wasting any yarn.

It took 45 min to ply this yarn.  Wahoo, either I'm getting fast or that this is really low yardage.   At some points it was a little difficult for the wheel to take the yarn up onto the bobbin, but I think that is becausee the bobbin is quite full  It took me under 10 min to wrap on niddy noddy.

44 wraps on the niddy noddy or 58 yards.  Not a lot of yarn, but it is nice to know what a "low" is for my yardage capabilities.  I measured the yarn to be 8 WPI or Heavy worsted weight yarn.

In order to make bulkier yarn in the future, I will have to get a Jumbo Orifice Kit so the yarn can make it through all of the hooks.  This supplement to the wheel is inexpensive, and I am excited to try out making bulkier yarns.

Now what about the roving that I used?  Well this was my first space dyed roving ever!  Filling and emptying the syringe I used to apply the dye took some time, so I sped the video up in places.  It was such fun watching the colors spread out!

Finished 1/6/2013