Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Search for Free Dog Vest Knitting Patterns

Since Indy is full grown, I can now knit him some kind of sweater.  I'm not sure if I'll find one that I like or if I'll design my own, but I decided to do a search for dog sweater patterns that could fit medium sized dogs. (Yes, I am crazy do be looking at this now that Spring is here and it would be cruel to dress Indy in a sweater... but I can start preparing for next winter now, right?)

This is by no means a comprehensive search, but it is a list of the patterns I'm considering making for Indy.

Free Dog Vest Knitting Patterns
  • Perfect Fit Dog & Cat Sweater (Pattern Generator, Top-Down) - This pattern does it all. You can select your own yarn, determine your gauge and the measurements of your dog, and the pattern will walk you through the construction.  I have a feeling that this is the pattern that I will use because it will guarantee a perfect fit.  It is a seamless top down sweater that has arm holes.  If your pet hates to be dressed, you may need to select another pattern.  You will need to create a free Ravelry.com account to access this pattern.  
  • Hoodie Dog Coat - This dog sweater slips over the head and through the front arms.  As the name suggests there is a really cute hoodie!  You will need to create a free account to access this Pattern
  • Snowflake Dog Sweater - Sized for a smaller dog (22" chest).  The pattern says that it gives instructions for resizing   This one is really like a little sweater vest with fair isle snowflakes around the middle.  
  • Button Up Dog Sweater - This ribbed turtle neck dog sweater knitting pattern has buttons going up the back of the sweater. This is the cover image from the book Knitted Dog Coats (see below) but it also happens to be available for free at the link provided.
  • Dog Sweater - A cute pullover with a decorative button at the throat.  The knitting pattern is available in multiple sizes. 
  • Biscuits & Bones Dog Coat - A cozy ribbed and cabled dog sweater knitting pattern.  Pullover.  
  • Rainbow Pooch Sweater - A cute striped dog pullover that would be easy to adapt to contain a different stitch pattern.  (You could chart a cute design on the back.)  Comes with instructions for 4 chest sizes.  
  • Dog's jumper with Norwegian pattern - Fair Isle knitting for the win in this adorable pullover.  Four sizes are available, and the give examples of breeds to go along with the sizes (in addition to actual measurements.)  XS = Chihuahua, S = Bichon Frisé, M = Cocker Spaniel, L = Irish setter.
  • Boston Terrier-Sized Sweater - I am not sure how terriers size up to Eskies, but this pullover has a cute sleek design.  The designer provides the measurements of her dog.  (Pictures are available on Ravelry)
  • MinnowMerino Holiday Dog Coat - Three sizes are available in this coat that goes over the head with a chest strap to secure it.  There is some stunning large plaid work here, which is much simpler to make than it looks: "While knitting, the horizontal stripes are made by changing colors for a single row and a vertical rib is created with purled stitches. When the knitting is finished, the vertical stripes are made using a crochet hook, following along the purled rib."
  • The 'Boyfriend" Dog Sweater - Has an adorable colorwork heart/bone (think heart with arrow) on the back.  The designer has numerous other dog sweaters located on the same website.
  • Knitted Dog Jumper - A striped pullover with a bit of a turtleneck.  

Dog Vest Knitting Patterns that Cost Money - In my search I came across some dog vest knitting patterns that I loved, but happened to be in a book or for purchase.  (You can frequently get book patterns for free from your local library.) I am going to share some of my favorite of these patterns below.

Unfortunately most of the patterns I have found are not for long haired dogs, so the pictures are of fitted sweaters on dogs with very short fur.  I know that the neck details aren't super important to me because they were be obscured by Indy's ruff.