Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Free Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I often like to think about what I can make in terms of Valentines.   Handmade valentines can be a unique way to surprise your valentine.  Recently I have started to love crochet motifs because I am finding it easier to create tiny crochet items than it is to knit mini creations.  In my research, I have come across dozens of free crochet Valentine's Day patterns.  The following are some of my favorites broken into three sections: Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns, Heart Crochet Patterns and Love Themed Crochet Patterns.  Enjoy!  

Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns - These patterns are named for the holiday of love, or at least the commercialized holiday that we all celebrate now on February 14th.
Valentines Tablecloth
This tablecloth is constructed from a series of crochet hearts.
Valentines Cupcake
This cupcake looks good enough to eat. There is a tiny heart on top of it.
Valentine Monster
I have never seen a creature like this in my life!
Valentine Envelope
Crochet an envelope for your love notes.
Valentine Button
This reminds me of a mint.
Valentine Heart Doily
There is a rose in the center of this heart shaped doily.
Valentine Dishcloth
A red and white square
Valentine's Scarf
Composed of a series of crochet hearts.
Valentine Afghan
Lacy hearts are in the center of each square.
Valentines Day Elephant
This stuffed elephant has a heart shaped body.
Crochet Valentine heart-shaped table mat and serviette ring
Perfect for a romantic meal.

Free Heart Crochet Patterns -  A crochet heart is a simple gift to give to your Valentine. While there are thousands of heart themed crochet patterns available, I have selected a few of the best ones to get your started.
Heart Strings Napkin Tie
These look almost like heart shaped cherries. A great addition to your Valentine's Day Decor.
Heart Afghan Square
A very simple white heart created out of colorwork.
Heart Motif
This is the kind of pattern that makes me want to learn how to crochet. A 2D heart.
Heart bookmark
A lacy bookmark with the hearts connected in a column.
Heart Pocket Pal Pillow
There is a pocket where you can hide a note to you Valentine.
Heart Fridgie
A tiny 2D crochet heart. Make a bunch of these to use as a garland to decorate your home for a Valentine's Day Party.
Heart Garland
String up the love!
Have fun with these stuffed amigurumi hearts by embroidering little faces on them.

Free Love Themed Crochet Patterns - While these may not have been specifically designed for Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong creating one of these LOVEly crochet projects. 
Hearts Border With Love Free Chart
The word love is spelled out and surrounded by hearts. This would make a good bread cover for your Valentine's Day Dinner.
Love Bugs
Little stuffed hearts with legs
Love is the word
The word Love is stuffed and 3D
Love Bug
He has heart shaped wings. What a fun little valentine!
LOVE blanket
The squares in the blanket spell out LOVE.
Clover Heart
If your love is Irish, or if you want your valentine to be useful for St. Patrick's Day, then this is a good pattern for you.
Amigurumi Love Bug
Looks like a ladybug without the spots.
Amigurumi Love Birds
A simple cute pair of love birds.
The Love Nest
The crochet pattern contains a little nest for your crochet love birds to fit in. These birds are my favorite shape.
Nesting love birds
These love birds also have a little nest.
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