Wednesday, January 1, 2014

13 Shawls in 2013

In 2012 I successfully knit 12 different shawls.  I was very proud of completing the challenge set before me and I created some goals for 2013.  I wanted to knit 13 shawls in 2013 (even though the Ravelry group has changed to 12 shawls forever) that included some specific smaller goals:
  • 1 shawl of my own design
  • 1 shawl out of my hand spun yarn
  • 2 shawls out of my hand dyed yarn
  • 1 crochet shawl
  • Don't let every shawl be purple

I may not have been able to complete 13 shawls this year (getting pregnant had a little to do with changing my knitting focus!), but I did reach many of my smaller goals:
  • 1 shawl of my own design - Denise Shawl
  • 1 shawl out of my hand spun yarn - Handspun No Nupp Annis
  • 2 shawls out of my hand dyed yarn - Denise Shawl and a Hitchhiker Shawlette (in progress)
  • 1 crochet shawl - Crochet Lacy Baby Shawl
  • Don't let every shawl be purple - Two shawls are purple, and two others are multicolored with HINTS of purple, but the rest are teal, black, white and blue.  
What are the shawls that I completed this year?
  1. Denise Shawl (my first ever shawl design!)
  2. Mom's Polaris
  3. Magrathea
  4. Febuary Advent Stole
  5. 2013 Mystery KAL Shawl
  6. Handspun No Nupp Annis
  7. Baby Alpaca Shawl/Blanket
  8. Trousseau
  9. Lacy Crochet Baby Shawl (Stay tuned for blog post)
  10. (in progress) Hitchhiker Shawlette
  11. (in progress) Susanna IC Autumn 2013 Mystery KAL
I'm very proud that I got close to my goal.  Many of these shawls are in the upper yardage requirement by the Ravelry group, so I had no difficulty with that requirement of the challenge.  I don't think I will completely 14 or even 12 shawls in 2014, but I do have some patterns and designs that I am excited to get started!


  1. hahahahaha don't let every shawl be purple :)

    1. Hey, can I help it that i'm drawn to purple yarns? ;)

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