Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vogue Knitting on the Go! Crocheted Shawls

I am obsessed with creating shawls, so when I found out that Vogue Knitting has a book dedicated entirely to shawls (Vogue Knitting on the Go! Crocheted Shawls) I knew that I needed to check it out.

To date, I have made one item of crochet lace (to be published later this month), a baby blanket for my son.  (I counted this as a 2013 shawl because it IS a baby shawl!)  Although I am a novice crocheter, I find that super lacy crochet items easy to understand because the placement and counting is much easier than a denser type fabric.  I was really excited to see what the patterns would be like in this little book.

The book contains 21 shawl patterns and some basic instructions on selecting yarns, blocking and basic crochet stitches.  Please note that you may need an additional "how to crochet" book to help you if you are just learning the craft.  Not all of the shawls are lacy like the one on the cover, there is a good mix of thick/warm shawls and the more lacy variety.  (I just happen to prefer the lacy ones.)

My favorite crochet shawl patterns

  • Broomstick Shawl - The pattern repeat is pretty simple, but it looks a cozy and romantic rectangular shawl.  
  • Star Shawl - This motif shawl is something that I would like better as an afghan than a wrap, but the stars are beautiful and airy. 
  • Linked Shawl - This one almost looks like it is made of knotted ropes or ribbon.  Not my style, but the pattern is AMAZING.
  • Snowflake Shawl (also known as Winter Rose) - Intricate lace, and I think it looks both cozy and fun to create.  

This is a small "on the go" book, so there aren't great detailed photos of each project.  I wish that there were a few more photos of the close up of the shawls, but for a 5.5" x 7" book I can understand there being only 1 picture for each pattern.