Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lucky Knits

Little Lucky loves the things that I've knit for him!  Here are some new photos of him playing with and wearing things that I created for him while waiting for him to come into this world. 


Turtle Butt

The Zebra Woobie
A fishy hat

 I sure love my little boy!


  1. He's so cute! What a blessing he is.

  2. omg he's beautiful!

    (Rebecca..not intending to be insulting...but is his name really Lucky? or are you being a protective Momma?)

    1. I don't find that insulting at all. It is conceivable that Lucky could be his given name, but it is just a nickname. I figured that I'd try to let him create his own internet history when he's an adult. :)

      Of course, this will all go to pieces the moment I knit something with his full name on it... but I will still likely call him Lucky in the text.