Friday, February 25, 2011


Sheldon gets yet another costume

Keith's stuffed turtle is getting snazzy this holiday season! I used this pattern to create this cute little outfit for my favorite turtle.

This skull and crossbones isn't scary; it is too cute to scare anyone

The construction was very similar to the construction of the original shell, with the exception of adding some intarsia.

Construction of the shell pieces.

I stuffed the pirate shell more than I stuffed the original shell. I like to see it as though Sheldon has been working out.

Put some clothes on me!

I think that the yarn requirements listed by the knitpicks pattern are a bit extreme. I personally would not have purchased both cream and yellow (the yellow color is used ONLY for the trim of the hat). At least I like Shine Sport...

I used size 4 needles and followed the pattern with the exception of the icord border around the outside of the shell. I was happy with the shell as it was before that step, so I skipped it.

Which outfit do you like him in more? He now is looking under dressed to me in the standard shell...