Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Korknisse 2.0

I finally have some more corks, so I can make some more Korknisse! I wanted to make as many of these guys as possible so I could give them out as ornaments at my Holiday Party.

Once again, I used size 2.5 (3mm) knitting needles and scraps of worsted weight yarn. I am really pleased with the effect of variegated yarns on these little dudes and dudettes.

Eek! Someone needs to put our clothes on!

To use these guys as ornaments, I used a little glue to keep the clothes on, and made two dots with a sharpie for the eyes.

This is my favorite one yet! I love the way they look with the Champagne corks

The hat pattern worked for the larger champagne corks, you just had to stretch it out a bit for these mushroom head guys. I thought that I might need to modify the pattern, but thankfully it wasn't the case!

Do you think I have enough corks to make some more?