Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clean Slate Hat

Last fall, I decided that I wanted to create hats for everyone for Christmas. For my brother-in-law, Ryan, I wanted to make a hat that was manly but had more interest than a simple ribbed pattern. I was thrilled when I found the Clean Slate Hat (available for free download at Ravelry.)

I knit this hat with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (worsted weight yarn) in Evergreen on size 8 needles. I don't have size 8 double pointed needles, so I finished the top of the hat with size 7 DPN's.

I was concerned about finishing this project using one 50g ball, so I decided to adjust the # of ribbed rows at the beginning to 6 rather than 10. (The designer noted, "making the rib shorter will reduce amount needed to 1 skein.") I probably should I have knit this hat on size 7 needles to get the correct gauge and finish this in 50g. That would have been good to fit my head, but not my husband’s. I’m assuming his brother (Ryan) has a similar sized head, and I want this hat to fit! The project took me 61 g of yarn total.

Where I was when I finished the first 50g ball of yarn.

The pattern is really nice although I found the “skp: slip 1st stitch, knit 2nd st, pass 2nd st over slipped stitch.” to be strange. I substituted K2tog for these skp’s and it looks really good. You should also note that on the decreases for the crowns, you decrease 12 sts per round, not 6 as is shown in the chart. (The SKP’s were drawn into one stitch, even though those would result in a decrease.) The designer messaged me through Ravelry that she would update the pattern accordingly. (I love being able to help out!)

I love the design, it is simple but has much more interest than a simple ribbed hat. The knitting goes quickly, and the chart is really easy to follow. I definitely think I would make this again.