Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Ombré

One of my favorite designs of 2011 is the Ombré Hat. I made one for my brother's girlfriend, Jessica, but really wanted to make one for myself. I used size 6 knitting needles, KnitPicks Chroma Worsted (Midwinter) and Blue and Purple Berroco Peruvia. All of these yarns are single ply, and the thickness varies a bit. This gives the stitches some interest beyond the beautiful colors.

Each ball of yarn started with 100g. The project consumed 29 g of Chroma, 27 g of the blue and 17 g of the purple Peruvia. I love the chroma yarn, but I was really disappointed that it arrived 5 g short.

In the pattern, these three yarns correspond to the 9 colors in the following way:
  • A - Blue
  • B - Chroma
  • C - Purple
  • D - Chroma
  • E - Blue
  • F - Chroma
  • G - Purple
  • H - Chroma
  • I - Blue
The hat has some nice symmetry, because the chroma ended at the same color where it began. I have a feeling that this is not going to be the last Ombré hat I ever create!