Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Noro" Hat

James C. Brett Marble Chunky is a fun yarn with a great colorway. I thought it would be worthy of being the basis for a Noro Hat.
This hat is a Saartje de Bruijn design, and I have knit many projects from this designer in the past.

This hat consumed 91 g (155 yards) of yarn.

I still used size 7 (4.5 mm) knitting needles, but I decreased the co stitches to 75 since this was a chunky yarn. Therefore, when I started the crown decreases I skipped (rows 45-52) to where there were 75 sts.

I love that you K the first 8 rows so you get a bit of a rolled brim. This transitions seamlessly into the pattern.

This hat makes a great, simple project. The pattern is really easy to keep up with, and it would be a great project for someone when you are not sure how big their head is. The hat stretches and shrinks in a really fun way!


  1. Have just read, or trying to work out how!!!( big ask for me, ) to make my own knitting graph pattern paper to help with a knitting pattern.. headache.!! But baffled with science,, again, and although have a wonderful man iMac. can't get my head around the nuts and bolts of HOW!!! slowly learning, but thanks for the info now.. <3

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